Digitalization in Healthcare

What do doctors think about digital healthcare?

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the use of telemedicine in India and shown that it is a practical way to overcome gaps in the public healthcare system.

It is no longer surprising if your doctor uses an iPad to take notes or save your medical records when you visit him. The rapidly evolving medical technology, the accessibility of technological diagnostic and treatment tools, and the shifting operation patterns of physicians have transformed the provision of healthcare.

The healthcare industry has been affected by technological change, which has led to a digital transformation in how patients and doctors communicate. The “new era” is now centered on the integration of information technology and networks, where both human and digital elements are essential to the full patient experience.

Healthcare is one of the sectors that has likely undergone the most significant transformation post-pandemic. According to McKinsey, technological innovation has the ability to improve our understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more personalized, convenient care, and generate $350-$410 billion in revenue annually by 2025.

Doctors are swiftly catching up to technological advancements as the customer keeps changing preferences from volume-based care to value-based treatment. They think it could improve patient outcomes, enable better care, save time, and develop relationships with other medical professionals and patients.

In order to provide patients, medical professionals, and healthcare organizations with lasting value, the digital transformation of healthcare is utilizing the most recent technology, techniques, and processes. Basically, it involves embracing and using cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies to maximize benefits.

A recent study by Deloitte found that digital transformation improved performance for 92% of healthcare professionals and institutions

What is Digital Transformation in Healthcare?

Are you still unsure? Let’s look at how digital transformation in healthcare benefits patients, healthcare institutions/organizations, and the sector as a whole.

The Future Health Index (FHI) India Report of 2021 claims that Indian healthcare executives will soon start emphasizing the use of digital technologies, remote care, and sustainable healthcare policies. In fact, a Commonwealth Fund/Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that 50% of doctors think increased use of health technology has improved their capacity to give patients better care. Here is how doctors view the potential impact of technology on healthcare. It generally provides improved and more personalized services.

Benefits of Digital Transformation For Doctors

  • Superior and more individualized services

The application of digital transformation in healthcare provides better and more effective health diagnosis and individualized treatment.

  • Enhanced Interaction with Patients

They can now access treatment plans, and e-prescriptions online through video calls, chat, email, or the healthcare site.

  • Simple Access to Health Information

Patients have easy access to, control over, and even the ability to fully analyze their health metrics online.

  • Convenient Time Slot Scheduling

Booking appointments with doctors at a time that is most convenient for them thanks to the digital transformation of healthcare.

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Health Metrics

Patients can monitor key health variables in real time by using modern technologies like health wearables.

  • Enhanced Workflow

The use of digital transformation can minimize the time spent on patient examinations, and replace paper records with digital ones. Thus, making it simpler and more efficient to access patient health records.

  • Database for Electronic Medical Records that is secure

Usage of digitalization in healthcare enables the creation of a secure database for the encryption, storage, and access of patients’ confidential medical records. Along with their on-demand sharing with medical specialists, laboratories, and healthcare workers.

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How Medify Can Help?

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Digital transformation is affecting all the elements of health care. This change is making it easier to access treatment, enhancing care quality, and lowering costs. Customers can easily and quickly contact their favorite provider. Digital transformation can contribute to better operational and financial efficiencies, improved consumer interactions, and the realization of long-term strategies for health systems.

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