National Startup Day

National Startup Day 2023: How Medify is a game-changer in the healthcare industry

National Startup Day is a day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the efforts of entrepreneurs who are working to create new and innovative businesses in India. The day was established by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of the government’s efforts to promote entrepreneurship and support the growth of new and emerging companies.

National Startup Day: History

National Startup Day is a relatively recent initiative in India, with the first official observance taking place in January 2016. The day was established by the Indian government’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) as a way to recognize and support the country’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. The day is typically marked by events, workshops, and conferences aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and providing resources and support for startup founders. The event is celebrated on January 16th every year since the inaugural event in 2016.

National Startup Day 2023: Theme

The Startup India Innovation Week which started on January 10, 2023, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had organised a series of events which conclude today (January 16, 2023).

There was no dedicated theme for the event, however, the event series included webinars around the topic “Founders of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow,” reported a news agency.

The game-changer, making a difference in the Healthcare Industry

One startup that is making a significant impact in the Indian healthcare sector is Medify. Medify is a digital health platform that provides access to quality medical care for people in remote and underserved areas of India. The platform connects patients with a network of qualified Doctors and healthcare professionals who write and share e-prescriptions for patients which is accessible from anywhere at anytime.

One of the key visions of Medify is to improve access to healthcare for all Indians, regardless of their location or socio-economic status. The company’s mission is to make quality medical care available to everyone, and to provide a convenient and affordable way for people to receive the medical attention they need.

Medify is working to empower patients by giving them more control over their own health. The platform provides a wide range of health services such as virtual consultations with doctors, telemedicine, and medicine delivery.

The platform also aims to improve the quality of care for Corporates wherein they provide Corporate Discounts, Engagement Activities, Medical Benefits by Providing Medical Benefits to employees by subsidising their medicine purchase and consultation costs. Securely maintaining employee health information and records for insurance, claim, or reimbursement purposes.

In conclusion, National Startup Day is a day to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative ideas of the individuals who are working to build a better future for India. Medify is one such startup which is playing a key role in improving the Indian healthcare system by providing access to quality medical care for people in remote and underserved areas of the country. With its innovative approach and its commitment to improving access to healthcare for all Indians, Medify is an inspiring example of the positive impact that startups can have on society.

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