Built for Providers

Medify: Made for Doctors

  • Doctors and their respective clinics can maintain all of their diagnoses, reports and other documents on the platform, as well as easily manage their personal, professional & clinic details on one platform.
  • Doctors can maintain a chronological record of all consultations & access them from anywhere, as well as profile patients based on their medical histories and general medical, vital and lifestyle information.
  • Doctors can connect with their patients, and reduce attrition through follow-ups & progress tracking, while also collaborating with pharmacies on the dispensation of drugs and medicines, as well as on the deliveries and refills of medicine orders to ensure the highest level of patient care.

  • Retail Pharmacies have the benefit of expanding their businesses by providing doorstep deliveries, exclusive offers and rewards to all patients living in the locality to increase traction.
  • They can profile their customers based on their medical information, as well as easily communicate with all Patients & access their delivery information, and thus dispense the correct drugs based on any special needs and health conditions.
  • Retail Pharmacies can also collaborate with referring doctors for patients, on the dispensation of drugs and medicines, to verify order fulfilment and medicine substitutions.

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