Medify Nexus : The 20 Most Promising Startups In India 2020

Digital Health is the concurrence of health, healthcare and society, and with digital technology, boosts the effectiveness of healthcare delivery. Acknowledging the scope of the Digital Health domain, Medify Nexus entered the Indian healthcare industry with the aim to close the gap between the healthcare ecosystem and the general population.

Medify became the ultimate healthcare solution that facilitated Doctors to maintain their consultation papers and patient records with the help of its mobile application while also collaborating with Pharmacies on the dispensation of drugs and medicines. Retail Pharmacies have the benefit of expanding their businesses by offering doorstep deliveries and special offers to the profiled patients on the platform, as per their needs and health conditions. Patients can effortlessly access their health records in the digital form, with options to get virtual consultations from their choice of verified Doctors and receive doorstep delivery of medicines from nearby Retail Pharmacies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created various opportunities for digital health based aid and services to expand its reach in the India. Medify aims to bridge the digital health gap in the India by enabling efficient collaboration between doctors, retail pharmacies and other healthcare professionals to ensure the end-goal of their services: to render the patients with the best possible medical solutions.

“In a country where medicines are dispensed in the same manner as candy, a majority of population still lacks adequate knowledge about basic healthcare. Medify aims to bridge this gap by bringing the entire healthcare ecosystem to people’s fingertips.”

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