Cloud Pharmacy

The Future is Now. Is Your Pharmacy Ready for the Cloud?

First of all, let us agree that the convenience and power of the cloud are undeniable, seamlessly woven into our daily lives. Just like how you leverage cloud services for personal needs, your pharmacy can also benefit from them without disrupting your existing retail software.

Is Your Pharmacy Stuck in the Past? Embrace the Cloud with Medify!

Delayed access: Difficulty accessing real-time data on sales, purchases, patient records, & inventory.

Limited insights: Lack of built-in analytics tools hindering business improvement based on past trends.

What if there was a solution? Medify can help!

We offer cloud integration via API with leading retail pharmacy softwares such as EasySol, Visual, Prompt, Redbook, Samarth, Medica, Medwin, Wondersoft, SWIL, VarthagamSoft, & many more.

Medify is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution that enhances the operational efficiency & safety of pharmacies. It ensures business continuity even if something goes wrong. All your data stays in the cloud in real-time. Just log in from any other PC or mobile & access your crucial information anytime, anywhere.

Get Cloud Access to core modules:

Sales – Obtain an overview of all your ERP sales transactions, order details, patient details & crucial analytics to track revenue & orders trend, high value orders, & much more.

Patients – A centralised view of all ERP & online patients. These patients get autolinked to your exclusive referral code ensuring that they can only purchase from your store once they login via the Medify App. What’s more? Track patient analytics such as new & repeating patients trends, list of inactive patients and more.

Inventory – Access to real-time inventory data, allowing you to view your stock levels from anywhere, on their cloud dashboard and mobile app. Medify uses AI to predict future sales for each medicine, taking into account historical data, seasonal data, & even local factors.

Purchases – View all your purchase transactions, purchase summary, outstanding amounts, supplier details with analytics on total purchases invoices, transaction value, outstanding amount, top 10 suppliers by purchase amount, frequency of purchases, top 10 credit payments by value, & more.

How to get started?

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