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What some of our users have to say about us

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become crucial for doctors to be able to practice telemedicine, without being able to see the patient in person. Medify is the ideal facilitator for this, as all personal and medical data of a patient can be accessed through the app, and E-Consulatations can be provided as and when required.

Dr. V. T. Shah
Cardiologist and General Practitioner

As a sportsperson who suffered a long term knee injury, keeping track of different tests and reports was extremely tedious. Medify took care of this hassle for me, as now I can access all of my medical files on my phone, anytime I need them

Kabir Bajaj
Student, University of Michigan

E-Commerce is rapidly replacing brick and mortar estabilishments as the new norm in almost all industries in India. Medify enables my store to have an online presence, one through which I can provide doorstep deliveries to my customers, while storing all their prescriptions as well as my transaction records on the platform automatically.

Ashok Shah
La Bella Medicine Centre, Mahim

I moved to Mumbai from Ahmedabad recently. With my pregnancy, it was essential for me to get good quality healthcare and constant medical guidance. Medify was the solution to all these needs, as it helped me in locating all the right providers, from pharmacies that delivered all the essentials to my doorstep to doctors who provided online consultations whenever I wasn't able to visit them in person.

Mosam Shah
Legal Director, NRS Advisors

With different practices at different locations, it was often hard to keep a centralised directory of patient data. With Medify, this becomes easier, as all my patient records can be accessed online in one place.

Dr. Sheena Soni Ruparel
BDS, MDS (Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry)

Spending almost the entire day working with kids as part of a NGO, forgetting to refill my medicines was a regular occurrence. Medify takes care of this burden, as now I can order a refill for these items even when I'm at work, and have them waiting for me when I get home.

Dhanasvi Tejani
Social Worker