Our Logo

The three pyramids represent the three protagonists the app is curated for: doctors, pharmacies and patients. As of today, the healthcare industry does not see systematic coordination and communication between these three protagonists, which in turn sets a precedent for mediocre services. Medify aims at bridging this gap by being an enabler of efficient collaboration in the industry, and making our logo the standard-bearer of this movement.


Our Vision

Medify aims to establish an ecosystem that would become the go-to destination for any individual or community in the healthcare class, from high ranking medical professionals to average nuclear families. With an option for doorstep deliveries for pharmacies, paperless health records and reports for patients, as well as online consultations and profiling for doctors, Medify intends to be the one-click solution to any and all needs of the entities in the healthcare industry.


Who We Are

Kairav Shah
Founder & Director

The brain behind the idea, and force behind the execution, Kairav's out of the box thinking and technical skills ensure every option is assessed and every expectation is met. With a quiet disposition but a million things running through his mind, there's more to him than meets the eye.

Bakulesh Shah

With 40+ years of experience in business and finance, expansive knowledge in corporate law and an unparalled discipline, Bakulesh ensures that the company's numbers tally up to the decimal. His experience and principles form the backbone that enables the company to function efficiently.