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The one-click healthcare solution for the 3 main protagonists of the healthcare industry

Transparency in Services

Medify allows Patients to choose their Doctor or Pharmacy, Doctors to recommend any Pharmacy, and Pharmacies to confer medicine dispensation with any Doctor, without any third party interference in these processes.

Independent Usability

Medify allows every user to benefit from the platform, individually as well as through other entities using the platform, by providing single and multiple user based features which encompass a wide array of usage scenarios.

Cloud Based Architecture

Medify stores the information of all its users and services on a cloud based system architecture, thus preventing burden on any user’s device memory, and allowing the user access to his/her account from any device, anywhere on the globe.

Your Ultimate Healthcare Assistant

Always available on the go

Instantly connect with verified Doctors online

Get instant doorstep delivery from your nearby Pharmacy.

Earn exclusive rewards and avail special discounts on Orders

Easily access your medical history at anytime

Track and monitor your entire family’s health on one device


How It Works

To Order Medicines


Select a Nearby Pharmacy

View nearby Pharmacies and click on “Add Order” against the Pharmacy you wish to place an order to.


Add Medicines

Add a Referring Doctor & add the desired medicines along with their quantities by clicking on "Add Medicine".



Click on "Upload Document" to attach a prescription and place your order. You will be notified once the order has been processed.

To Consult a Doctor


Select a Doctor

View nearby Doctors and click on “Consult” against the Doctor you wish to consult. Select your preferred date and time of the consultation.



Upon confirmation, connect with the Doctor via WhatsApp chat or call for an online consultation or visit the Doctor at the clinic.


Online Reports

Your medical records will be added to your "Medical History" once ready. You can also access these medical records on your mobile, during follow-up consultations.

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"As a sportsperson who suffered a long term knee injury, keeping track of different tests and reports was extremely tedious. Medify took care of this hassle for me, as now I can access all of my medical files on my phone, anytime I need them."

Kabir Bajaj

I moved to Mumbai from Ahmedabad recently. With my pregnancy, it was essential for me to get good quality healthcare and constant medical guidance. Medify was the solution to all these needs, as it helped me in locating all the right providers, from pharmacies that delivered all the essentials to my doorstep to doctors who provided online consultations whenever I wasn't able to visit them in person.

Mosam Shah

I am so glad I found Medify at the right time! I have a high risk of infection and so I was confined to my home all day during the lockdown. Medify came to my rescue when I needed to stock up on my medicines. It's easy to use, reliable, and perfect for people like me who can no longer get out of the house to run errands.

Lakshita Ratnani

    Healthcare from the comfort of your home!

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